We currently operate in California, Nevada, and Oregon, bringing the children to San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles Area hospitals.  For nationwide listings see: www.aircarealliance.org

Please contact our Chief Pilot, Douglas Harding at 510-427-3956, or email: harding-hope@sbcglobal.net.
(We meet different FAA requirements than commercial operators)

For the Make-a-Wish Foundation, please call 1-800-464-9474 or visit

Flight Criteria

  • Medical Release from Patient's Doctor
  • Be in Stable Condition
  • Financial Hardship or other Compelling Need
  • Minors must be Accompanied by an Adult
  • We are NOT an Air Ambulance Service
  • Our Normal Service Area is California, Nevada, and Oregon

Please see our "Services" Tab above, for more Information.