Our Mission has two components.

The first is to improve access to medical care for children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses that are in the smaller rural towns and are underserved, isolated, in financial hardship, or have compromised immune systems.  We accomplish this through free air transportation on our aircraft to those with healthcare needs that require long distance travel to and from medical facilities.  Our coverage area is California, Nevada, and Oregon for those coming to the San Francisco Bay Area, and Los Angeles Area hospitals.  Our services reduce the financial burden on the family, and reduce the stress and pain of driving long distances, while increasing access to needed medical care and saving children's lives.  

The second component is to bring joy to children through free air transportation to kids healthcare camps and make-a-wish flights.  During the summer months we can fly kids and their chaperones to and from healthcare camps. These camps help increase the child's self-esteem, and self discovery, and allows them to forget about their medical situation, and to relax and have fun. The camps are held for children with cancer, burn survivors, the blind, and those with
disabilities. On a Make-a-wish flight, we could fly a child, friend, and parents to southern California for a visit to Disneyland,
or to a coastal airport to see the ocean and spend a day on the beach. Even a flight to the mountains to see the snow.

Hope Flight Foundation is available to help in time of natural disaster by transporting Doctors, Nurses, Medical supplies, Search dogs, and Food or Water to the needed area.

When we have acquired our King Air aircraft, we will be available to be listed on the Veterans Airlift Command to help transport a wounded Veteran to and from the hospital.  

The needs are great, and we are available to help.  We seek to ease the financial burden of ground and air travel and the stress and fatigue associated with driving long distances.  We provide hope, healing, joy, and comfort to the children and families we serve by providing a quick, free, caring, attentive, and safe flight to their critically needed medical care.