We have started a Fundraising program called "Wings of Hope" to acquire our own dedicated aircraft.  We need to raise $2,000,000 to purchase a Beechcraft "King Air" aircraft, and prepare it for our mission. Or $1,000,000 and a donated King Air aircraft. This would provide for fuel, aircraft insurance, and maintenance, and provide Hope and Healing to help 24+ children and 96+ family members per year. We are also working to increase our Endowment fund ("Heart of Gold" Legacy Group) to support flights for ill children for years to come. We need donated Real Estate rental properties (Warehouses, strip malls, etc) to provide a steady monthly income for Hope Flight. 

With a "King Air" twin-engine aircraft we will be able to offer families in need;
  • Space for both parents to travel with the child. 
  • Room for a wheelchair.
  • A Pressurized aircraft for children with heart valves needing surgery or on strong medications.
  • A quiet and comfortable cabin.
  • Ice protected all weather aircraft.
  • Room for a stretcher for children unable to sit up, such as a child with burns.
  • A faster aircraft will reduce flight times, and will increase our service area to all the Western States. 
     Photo of aircraft and interior.

We are looking for individuals, businesses, and Foundations that would like to participate in helping Hope Flight Foundation continue to grow and help more children in desperate need.

If you can make a one-time or recurring donation, all the children that will experience a flight of hope and healing will be eternally grateful.  Please see our donate page.



our current needs: In addition to our own twin-engine aircraft, are help in Marketing, Fundraising, and Donations to support flights for ill children.  Any donated rental properties will provide a monthly income to help us to provide free flights for ill children.

Family comments:
"Thank you for your compassion and time. Thank you for helping us get treatment from a specialist that we could not have gotten here at home". 

14 hours on a bus is too much for my son
who is nauseous from the chemotherapy
treatments.  The flight only took two and
a half hours-Teresa Ramirez.

It is so helpful to have the flight arrive
close to our home and quickly bring us to the hospital.  A return flight home decreases my stress-Kathleen Shirley.

This service is so vital to families living in
remote and isolated areas-Social worker.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

In 2007 we donated money to help a four year old that needed a kidney transplant, and gave away over 1,000 stuffed animals to bring joy to children at our events, and to organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area that also work with children. We accomplished a Wish flight for two brothers that wanted to spend a day of fun at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with their uncle.

In 2008 we donated money to help support "Day in The Sky" and the "Kids Take Flight" events at Watsonville Airport and San Jose. Four free flights have been flown, covering 2,500 miles. One was for Jose, a Leukemia patient from Crescent City to Oakland, CA.  We have given away 160 Beanie Babies to children which brings them much joy and excitement. 

In 2009 ten flights for children with cancer and other life threatening conditions were flown, covering 4,750 miles.  Ages of the children were from 1 year-old to 20. Diagnosis were Leukemia, genetic testing, and small intestine transplant.  Hospitals visited were Lucille Packard Children's hospital and UCSF Children's hospital.


10 flights were flown  in 2010, covering 5,850 miles. One was for Jose and his mom Teresa to return home from Oakland airport to Crescent City, after a chemotherapy treatment. Ages of the children were from 3 years-old to 20. Diagnosis were Leukemia, Small intestine transplant, Heart transplant, and Liver disease.  Hospitals visited were UCSF, Lucille Packard Children's hospital, and UCLA Children's hospital.


15 flights have been flown for our little VIP's, covering 6,500 miles.  Ages are from 2 to 15. Diagnosis are Adrenal cancer, Small intestine transplant, Leukemia, and brain cancer. Hospitals visited are UCSF, Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, and UCLA Children's hospital. Photo at left is of 5 year old Leslie, flying for Adrenal Cancer treatments. Far left is 2 year-old Isaac.


We have completed a Sixth flight for 2 and a half year-old little VIP Isaac, from Yreka, CA to Palo Alto, CA for check-ups at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, while he awaits a Small intestine transplant.
Monthly flights are in progress for 8 year-old VIP Susana from Fresno to Palo Alto, to be seen at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital for sun allergy (Photo at far left).

Flight for 1 year-old little VIP Flora from Modesto, to be seen at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford for seizure disorder.

A fourth flight for 8 year-old Susana. Photo at far left.

A fifth flight for Susana, from Fresno to Palo Alto airport to be seen at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital for sun allergy.  She received a free Beanie Baby bear, and a return flight home with her parents.

16 flights for children were completed in 2012.


Two of our flights were for 15 month-old
Thomas, from Crescent City, to be seen at Children's Hospital Oakland for seizures.  He is one of our cutest little VIP's.

A fourth flight has been completed for 21 month old Flora, from Modesto, to Lucille Packard Children's Hospital to be seen for seizures.  We flew little Thomas again from Crescent City, for tests for his seizures at Children's Hospital Oakland. His photo is at far left.

We have flown little VIP Isaac again for his feeding tube check, blood tests, and liver function tests.  He is now 4 years old, and is still on the donor list for a small intestine transplant.  We have been flying him to Lucille Packard Children's Hospital since he was 2 years old.

The photo at far left is of VIP Alessandra. She was flown from the Red Bluff, Ca area to Children's Hospital Oakland for Autism and Seizures.  


Our first two flights were for 12 year old VIP Patty, from Crescent City, CA to Oakland, to be seen at Children's Hospital Oakland for a brain injury.  She received two stuffies, one for her and one for her sister.

Flights in March were for 14 year old VIP Lori, related to a past brain surgery, and a fifth flight for 3 year old little VIP Flora, who has neurological challenges (Photo of Flora is on the left).

Two more flights for little VIP Isaac were flown in April. He is doing well, but still needs his small intestine transplant.

Two Flights were flown for VIP Maria, from the Fresno area to Palo Alto, to be seen at
Lucille Packard Children's Hospital for Bile duct cysts.  She is doing well.

A flight for 11 month old little VIP Samara, to take her and mom back home to Redding, CA. She was seen at Oakland Children's Hospital for Epilepsy. She received a free quilt with a Dragonfly theme. 

Another flight to help mom Maria and 4 year-old Flora from Modesto to Palo Alto airport to be seen at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, for Cerebral Palsy.

A flight for 1 year-old Carl and mom Casey from Sacramento to Palo Alto. Little VIP Carl has Leukemia, and will have a bone marrow transplant at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital.  

Two flights were completed for 2 year-old Emily.  She is having seizures, and is seen at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital. She and dad were flown from Paso Robles, CA to Palo Alto, CA. 

Two flights for 3 year-old Noah.  San Bernardino to Palo Alto, to be seen at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital for Kidney cancer.
Four flights for 9 year-old Mia from Crescent City to be seen at Oakland Children's Hospital for a shattered arm bone (Photo on left).


Two flights for 9 year old Steven, flown from San Bernardino to San Francisco to be seen at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. He is fighting Neuroblastoma cancer.

Since we started our flights in 2008, we have completed 124 flights for children (Our little VIPs), covering 56,630 miles. We look forward to helping many more children in the years to come.