Masquerade GALA Sponsors are needed for this event.  _________________________________________________________________________


2nd Annual Comedy Night -January 2011

Directors Jules and         Directors of Hope Flight:    Performing Comedians         Charlie Ballard     
 Douglas with MC     Douglas, David, Margaret Comedian/Coordinator
  Tony Sparks        Jules, and Michael

        Guests        Guests                     Tickets anyone?           We have a Winner!


Christmas Party Fundraiser-December 2011

  Hope Flight Banner       Directors with Balloon       Children and Santa           Santa with guests
                                    Twister performer
                                       and Big Bear

  Guests with Santa        Winner of Big Bear             Child and Santa              Door Prize winners
                                   in the free kids raffle      

    Hayward Airport Open House Event for the local community to see all the aircraft, classic cars, and     service organizations.

Hope Flight Booths September 2018.  The prize spinning wheel is fun for the children and the line is long to win candy, school supplies, bracelets and necklaces.
Hope Flight Booths September 2019.  The prize wheel is again a big hit!