Our Board currently has four Directors.   These Volunteers have a variety of skills and backgrounds to help support the mission of Hope Flight.  All of the Officers and Board members participate in fundraising efforts, decisions, and overall operations. 

Douglas Harding is our Founder, President, and Chief Pilot. Douglas is committing his life to developing and improving Hope Flight Foundation.  He has 9,800 hours of flying experience, and holds the Airline Transport Pilot, and Flight Instructor Certificates issued by the FAA.  He has experience in single and multi-engine aircraft, including twin-engine turboprop (jet-propeller) type aircraft. He holds a B.A. in Geography, and  experience in Business Management, and Project Management.  He worked at the Korean Airlines pilot training facility in Livermore, CA from 1991 to 2004, as Flight Operations Manager and as Chief Flight Instructor.

Margaret Sanchez-Chua Margaret comes from a medical background and has been motivated through her career as a nurse to dedicate her time and effort in bringing comfort and support to those she works with.  Through her experience in the medical community, foster parenting, and interest in aviation, she has been inspired to bring her dedication and time to Hope Flight Foundation. She brings many good ideas, energy and insight to the table. 

ADVISORY COUNCIL                                     

Paul Stiling. Paul currently flies a corporate Twin-engine jet full-time, and has 7,500 hours of flight experience.  He is an émigré from London, England, where he acquired his degree in Government.  Paul has worked as a pilot for Ameriflight Air Cargo and Vanguard Airlines.

Jeff Heitzeberg. Jeff is a Federal Aviation Administration designated examiner for pilot testing. He has worked in the aviation industry for 42 years as a Corporate Pilot, Director of Standards, Consultant, and Pilot Examiner.  His expertise is highly useful for Hope Flight Foundation in the areas of aircraft operations and training.

Joel Mitzman. Joel has 8,400 hours of flying experience, and holds the Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor, and Turbojet Flight Engineer FAA Certificates.  His experience includes twin engine turboprop aircraft.  He has worked at the Korean Airlines, All Nippon flight training, and Japan Airlines schools in California as an Instructor Pilot.  He holds a B.A. in Communication Arts and Music.

David Davis He is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant,  and a Certified Massage Therapist.  He is a Cookie Lee Jewelry Consultant, and 50% of his profits are donated to Hope Flight Foundation. You can view and purchase the Jewelry at: www.CookieLee.biz/esuite/Home/DavidDavis.Videos of a Jewelry show can be seen at www.YouTube.com/DavidDavisDragonFly. David volunteers with the Interfaith Homelessness Network in San Leandro, CA.  David brings a lot of energy and excitement to Hope Flight Foundation. He is experienced in customer service and patient needs, and helps in the area of passenger comfort.

Jules Vano joined the Board of Directors in October 2010. Jules helps in Marketing and Event planning. Jules Vano is a publicist with wide experience at promoting businesses and non-profits.  She has overseen all aspects of event production, from staffing and security, to catering and promotions.  She has served as a Host for fundraisers for Glide Memorial and for the San Francisco 60th Annual Firefighters Ball.  Hope Flight Foundation, with its promise of medical access for under-served children in remote communities, is special to Jules.  Children have always been a part of Jule's life, and charity, she feels, must begin with them.

Past Directors and Time on the Board

Michael Chua (6 years, 9 months)

David Cota (4 years)

Joel Mitzman (3 years, 9 months)