Hope Flight was founded and incorporated as a non-profit public benefit corporation in California in October 2005, by Douglas Harding, a professional pilot. He saw a need for flexible, available, free air transportation for children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses in need of medical treatment at facilities far from their homes. We are working to provide a twin engine aircraft with more capability and capacity to fit a stretcher for children with burns, and that is pressurized for children with heart defects. Currently free flights with a stretcher do not exist for low income families. Douglas enjoys developing Hope Flight Foundation, and has a desire to work in full time ministry helping people. "I want to use the flight skills and knowledge I have acquired in aviation to help those in need of transport to critically needed medical care, and to enrich, and empower the lives of children and their parents"  says Douglas. Hope Flight Foundation is a ministry of God's love.

Ill children hold a special place in our heart. If we can help get them to a hospital, transport them to a summer camp, or go on a make-a-wish flight, we are helping in the healing process, easing their stress, increasing their joy, and extending and saving their lives.

In 2005 the Corporate Officers and the Board of Directors were elected, the registration of Hope Flight with the California Registry of Charities, and the design of our company logo was chosen .

In January 2006 we received our 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt status from the IRS, making donations tax deductible. In 2007 our Name and Logo received Registered Trademark status. We have begun fundraising for our Aircraft Acquisition Fund to purchase a Beechcraft King Air. This twin-engine aircraft has the capacity to carry seven passengers, a stretcher for children unable to sit up, such as a child with burns or a body cast, and is pressurized for children with heart defects.

Our flights are free of charge and available on short notice, and are flexible if the treatment or hospital release dates change. A flight home is guaranteed, and each flight is piloted by an experienced Commercial pilot with an Instrument rating, and a co-pilot.

We have completed 124 medical flights for ill children (Our little VIP's), covering 56,630 miles.

Please see our "News and Photos" Tab above for more information and photos of some of the children we have flown.

We provide Direct flights based on the patient's needs, with less stress, personalized service, and aircraft with the latest safety technology.

Operation-wide commitment to the adoption of these core principles is the basis of a proactive and effective safety system:
  • Risk Management
  • Professionalism
  • Safety Leadership
  • Technical Excellence
  • Fitness for Duty.

We have a solid foundation with our experienced governing board, a strong network of advisers, hospitals, Social Workers, airports, and supporting organizations, and our commitment to improving access to critically needed medical treatments and bringing Hope, Healing, and Joy to children and their families.